Author: Dan Rubenstein

Wonderful Article About the Germanic Museum Frescos at Harvard University

And here’s what I found on Nathan J. Timpano, the author of Nazi vs Niebelung. It looks like he is an associate professor of art history @ Miami. Here’s his website: and his email:

Mining Town: Part II

Lewis William Rubenstein and the Art of the 1930s 22 June 2022, Ottawa, Canada By Daniel Blake Rubenstein Cleopatra Hill, Verde Valley, Jerome, Arizona Jerome is about 100 miles (160 km) north of Phoenix along State Route 89A between Sedona and Prescott.  To find this small speck in a vast desert wasteland, Lewis must have been…
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Mining Town: Part I

Lewis Rubenstein and the Art of the 1930s By Daniel Blake Rubenstein The Story Behind the Time Painting:  Mining Town (Time Paintings – Lewis Rubenstein Artist) 23 June 2022, Ottawa, Canada Unknown Siblings Between parents and children there are always mysteries, things left unsaid.  Before the birth of a child, each parent has a separate…
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